Friday, May 24, 2013

Custom Camp Signs

Camp signs we can make.  The "point" of these is to have one side cut off so it points back toward camp. Thus, one sign can be ordered and installed on the trails easily with a hand saw (or battery powered saw), drill and a few screws (these items are not included).
Custom Camp Sign: Different cut distances and attachment holes pre-drilled.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Paint Holder/Organizer Box and Drawers for Paints

These are currently sold in Portage, MI at Family Hobby Shops (aka L & J Hobbies).

Organizer box for Warhammer paints:
This is a great box to travel with for miniature paints.  It also makes storing them easy, great if just starting a miniature paint army and do not have many paints yet or like to organize paints based on which army they were bought for. Easy to add on to as more paints are acquired.  These boxes have been designed with many different sized holes to fit the different diameters of paint jar sizes.

Note: older paint bottles for Warhammer will not fit in the box designed for the current sized bottles.  For the older sized Warhammer bottles choose the larger holes.  Please send the desired hole size to cut, will fit up to 1.5" diameter bottles. Have template for larger holes then 1.5" but fewer bottles will fit in the box.

Prototype filled with brushes, water and glue.

Prototype filled with paints.

Fits different brands of paints

Closed up easy to carry to go paint!

Organizer drawers for Warhammer paints: 
This set of drawers will fit one of every color paint Warhammer currently sells.  The holes also fit other brands of paint jars
Can be turned upside down so the large drawer is on the bottom.
Paints fit! Plus a drawer for the water cup and brushes.

Different drawer front options.

It is large!