Consulting and Design

Consulting and Design:

Common questions we receive relate to projects people are developing on their own, especially with the increase of Makers of Make Magazine fame.  Local inventors or crafters also often require complicated fixtures or templates that are difficult to build by hand, but realitively easy with a CNC or laser cutter.

Since we work with individual creators through to larger companies, non-disclosure agreements are not a problem.  All work is done and developed in house unless requested otherwise by the customer.  Any portions of the project that would require outside assistance would be discussed during the opening of the project development.

If you have a project requiring a quotation, please contact us for more details.  The more information you provide at the beginning, the more accurate the solution and quotation are that can be provided.

Since there are a large number of materials that can all react differently to the laser cutter, or adjustments to the CNC for feed and speed may be required for the optimal cut, samples of customer provided material are desired.  Extra material should be provided to KAB CNC Creations, LLC for any new or special materials.

Samples or prototypes can be provided.  Costs for the samples will be given with quantity pricing breakdown at customer request.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide free samples, but will provide a discount if later larger quantity orders are placed.

Our design software includes:
3D CAD Packages including Fusion 360 & Solidworks
CorelDraw version 19
Aspire 10.5

Laserbuzz designs
MakeCNC designs