Check our blog for detailed images of some of the sample projects KAB CNC Creations, LLC has created.

Materials and suggested ideas
  • Slabs - We can flatten slabs that are up to 4' by 8'.
  • Metal - We can customize most unfinished metal pieces with a personal message. We use CerMarkTM to laser a permanent mark on metal parts. Marks on stainless steel have survived: abrasion (scratch resistance), salt water spray, lubricants and blow torch type testing. We have marked (used) aluminum aircraft propellers with retirement messages, plates for plaques and many other projects for customers.
  • Glass/mirrors - We can customize a mirror with a personal message or set up a special set of glasses.  Attending a wedding?  Consider adding the name of the bride and groom and date of the wedding to a champagne bottle and matching glasses. 
  • Yard art - Wooden furniture, art pieces, or just a bit of whimsy are all readily produced in large scale on the Shopbot CNC router or to a more miniscule scale on the laser.
  • Game accessories - Custom game boards or playing pieces.  Need a dice tower for truly random rolls or special custom terrain for a wargames?  We can help.
  • Signs and tags - From humorous wall signs to personal keychains or pet tags, none of these are difficult.  Pick a material and color and we can discuss the design.
  • Jigs/fixtures/templates - Need a template to spray the same tag on multiple crates?  How about an alignment fixture for quilting complex patterns?  What of a fixture for woodworking alignment for your special project?  All are possible for reasonable costs.
  • Arcade cabinet -  design for a MAME cabinet using the XARCADE controller for a customer.
  • Wood Boxes - We can make custom sized wood boxes with or without foam inserts.
  • Jewelry - Custom logos or initials can be added to beads or tags for a personalized touch.

Customer project sample:

Watering tubes - This is the special type of project that certain customers may develop a requirement for and KAB CNC Creations, LLC is happy to help.  In this case, waterfall watering tubes for greenhouse plants were required.  This customer was replacing the tubes themselves and drilling a series of holes by hand with a #65 drill, taking a large amount of time and providing less than satisfactory results.  A quick design for a fixture on the Shopbot was created and a simple drilling path was used to generate precise holes in 16 tubes with the same #65 drill bits.  The hand drilling was replaced by a 5 minute drill path to create the holes every 1/8" along a 12" path through the tubes.  At this rate, all 16 tubes were completed in less than 1.5 hours and had consistent waterfall patterns.